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Welcome to The Roger Waters Commentaries.

       I simply have no time to devote to this website. Therefore no further additions will be made. My apologies to those who have contributed and the visitors. Constraints upon my time make it impossible to give the concentration needed to formulate my own thoughts coherently and thus I find it frustrating on a personal level.
I do so hope you will enjoy the commentaries that are here now. I've enjoyed each of them for what each has brought on the words of our favorite lyricist.
Please visit the contributors webpages....there is much you will find least I found them so.

...and a Special Thanks to my friend Rachel for her encouragement * S * You are special in my book and I hope others will see that from your writings. Please visit her website -- in the links section and on her commentary page.

*  Please enjoy the commentaries  *

      "An imaginary castle sits on a rocky ledge. It represents a terrible obstacle. FEAR! ** But, when approached with a clear mind and a brave heart, fear will crumble and all that is left is light."

Al Maples - 1993
Born 1966 - Died 2001 (
A Friend)

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     The link below will soon be to some pages with my favorite poems. They are favorites because they have helped me overcome....comprehend.....and cope with events in my life that were (to say the least) profound.

Some are beautiful in their phrasing and others in their ideas, but each is full of meaning in relation to ones soul and heart.
I find (and think you will also) that they are constantly new in meaning and depth.

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