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Welcome to Roger's lyrics by Craig Harr

Craig has given permission to share his thoughts about Roger and tho it is not long in words -- it will touch upon several key points on our attraction to Roger's lyrics. Another email-form submission that says much*
We appreciate your thoughts Craig!

Greetings from Iowa....

      The music lyrics of both the group & Roger mean so very much to me. My e-mail address comes from the release of Dark Side.. my 18th birthday. I dont go a day without at some point listening to a story written by Roger. Countless songs really ARE about experiences in my life. Life itself is very hard extermely painful for the most part & many times has been for me. Without the songs Roger gave me I might not be able to know that what I feel is OK.

      As far as Roger Amused to Death had an impact on me like few other records. Its a Miracle in particular changed a part of my soul that I cant fully express my gratitude other than to say Thank you Roger. Thanks for my ALL TIME favorite singing voice but most of all for your music sharing what YOU feel deep inside of your heart soul.....

Craig Harr
Des Moines, Iowa

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