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Welcome to this comments page by  BrightLynx.

    I received these thoughts by email from a young man named Adam. He expressed that Roger's music has had a very strong influence upon his life. Something some artists may take for granted, but whose influences are felt none the less.

Thanks to BrightLynx for the comments!

     Hi all, First of all I'd like to say that Roger is a brilliant musician that appeared to use his music for means seperate to making money or fame...Music is a media like 'film' which can be used to influence others in good and bad is clear that pink floyd, especially when led by Roger, actually wanted to use their music to help and change people for the better.

I totally agree with Roger and his beliefs, the passion that he showed in his music was the most I have ever known, particularly in 'The Wall' opinion is that we are all shaped and moulded by society, whatever society throws at us will determine what beliefs we have.

Unfortuanately, I think that due to the media's current position and ability to influence children easily, the thoughts and views of people are becoming more selfish and ruining the society we live in. It is clear to me that Roger's experiences that he encountered early on in his life shaped him , his belief and his music.

I feel that Roger and pink floyd give me hope for the future to achieve my goals, thank you Roger and Pink Floyd . You dont know how helpful you have been to the way, I am 19 and totally dedicated to bodybuilding...because bodybuilding is my passion, just as music was Roger's...I feel I can use it to help others and to heal. Eventually to change selfish and greedy attitudes of people that upest and harm others.

If it is possible to email Roger Waters directly I would be very grateful if someone would reply and allow me to contact him so i could tell him my views...although I understand that he is very busy and probably has no time for 'a little kid' like me...Thanks Roger and Pink Floyd have helped shape and mould my mind...

Yours Sincerely


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